This portal features art made by EpicJohn and by other people of EpicJohn!

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Pixel John (bad quality)

A pixelized version of John

ARTIST: EpicJohn11

Omori John

John but styled like the Main Character from Omori

ARTIST: EpicJohn11

The Dynamic Dumbasses

A drawing of The Dynamic Dumbasses (John, Noah, Mason)

ARTIST: Saltbox

EpicJohn11's Twisted Mind

I really hope EpicJohn11 Returns...

ARTIST: LeviRamirez


John and Grayson burn down a tree

ARTIST: NotMaxis

Octopus Activity

John, Grayson, and Alex participate in Squid Game

ARTIST: NotMaxis

John and Akner

John and Akner (CNJ's OC) do some poses together

ARTIST: CNJ/Epic Mickey for Smash